Fun Park Baan Sanook

Baan Sanook
462 Moo 7
Hin Lek Fai / Hua Hin
Prachuapkirikhan 77110

Baan Sanook, or “Fun House,” is a great place to go out for dinner and fun with the family, especially those with younger children. It is the biggest covered outdoor playground in Hua Hin, with many different slides: covered and uncovered, straight and twisty; obstacles, bridges, see-saws, tunnels, swings, merry-go-rounds, steps, jungle gyms, and many other different types playground equipment. With 3+ meter walls on 2 sides, and a 2 meter fence and bushes separating it from the minigolf course, your children are not able to leave the playground, and the restaurant seating area is directly in front, so you can easily observe your children at play and ensure their safety. Reservations are available for dinner parties or specific dinner tables, the dance floor, or childrens parties.

The ground is also made of a soft, rubber like substance, so if your child was to fall while running or playing, it is much safer than concrete or dirt.

There are 15 jungle style huts, with tables that sit 8 each, with baby/toddler seats available upon request, free of charge.

They have an outdoor, covered dance floor, that can fit 12 tables that seat 4 each. Every wednesday from 19:00-21:00, there’s a music/dance event geared towards seniors/retirees, with a self serve buffet.

There is an 18 hole mini golf course, 100 baht per child and 200 baht per adult.

There is a pool hall opened from 3 pm- 12 am, with 4 pool tables in an enclosed, air conditioned room, that is free to use if you’re eating at the restaurant.

There’s a very large muay thai gym, that is very highly regarded for its great trainers and the fighters they have produced,…. There is a fight there once a month, with the ticket prices as follows: 900 baht VIP… table 700 baht…. Standing room 400 baht .
Training available in muay thai, boxing, and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), open 7am- 10pm.

Muay Thai and all access training:

  • 1 session/ day: 350 baht
  • 2 sessions/ days: 600 baht
  • 1 week: 3000 baht
  • 1 month: 10,000 baht
  • 3 months: 27,000 baht
  • 6 months: 45,000 baht
  • 1 year: 80,000 baht
  • 1 private session: 500 baht

Gym Access:

  • 1 day: 150 baht
  • 1 week: 700 baht
  • 1 month: 1,000 baht
  • 3 months: 2,500 baht
  • 6 months: 4,500 baht
  • 1 year: 8,000 baht

Hutsadin Elephant Foundation

Right next door to Ban Sanook, is The Hutsadin Elephant Foundation. It is a government recognized, non-profit organization, founded by 3 local businessmen to rescue elephants abandoned by their owners due to health issues, old age, or simply because they were no longer able to care for or financially support them. It is 300 baht to enter, and you are given a bushel of bananas to feed the elephants. Extra bananas are 100 baht per bushel, and for a photo of either sitting on the elephant’s back, or getting a “hug” from the elephant, is also 100 baht. Though there are places in and around Hua Hin that are cheaper to visit and spend time with elephants, I personally feel that this is the best, as it is a rescue facility that helps elephants that are truly in need, and ANY and ALL funds received go to directly benefit the elephants.

Statement from the foundation:

“The aim of the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation is to care for our elephants and give them every opportunity to live a life that is full and pain free. In order to achieve this, we depend on donations from companies and the general public. We also provide the opportunity to ride, wash, walk and feed the elephants for a small donation. We are located in the forest just outside Hua Hin, which provides the perfect habitat for the elephants, and as we continue to develop, we can provide the perfect living environment. There are opportunities to meet the mahouts (the elephants personal caregivers) and even offer your time as either a short or long time volunteer.”

History of Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a city where an atmosphere of well-being and tranquility reigns.

It is a city of sandy beaches, green hills, waterfalls and mysterious caves, whose coast is washed by the waves of the Gulf of Thailand, has a long history, from which its name derives.

In 1834, some agricultural areas in the province of Petchaburi suffered a severe drought. A group of farmers moved south and discovered a small village that struck them, with it’s white sands on the sea coast and green hills along the shore. They settled here, and called this place Samore Riang, which translates to “Stone Head”.

Hua Hin is a district of the province of Prachuapkirikan, and is located about 180 kilometers south-west of Bangkok. It’s about 3 hours drive by car or bus, and about 5 hours by train, and a realaxing scenery of random, steep hills and sometimes dense forest, with glimpses of the coast along the way.

Hua Hin Summer Palace — Klai Kang Won Palace

Hua Hin is closely connected to the Thai royal family. King Prajadhipok (Rama VII), liked this place so much, that he built a summer palace in 1926 (completeled 1933). It was named Wang Klai Kang Won (Far from Cares). It was the residence of His Majesty the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), until his death on October 18, 2016, at the age of 88. At the time of his death, he was the the longest reigning head-of-state in the world, and the longest reining Monarch in Thai history at 70 years, 126 days. The King’s Summer Palace is located in the north of Hua Hin. It is built right next to the sea, and its gardens are filled with various exotic plants. Built on around several large lakes, the palace is open for tourists to visit in the morning and in the afternoon, but you must dress appropriately. It is necessary to dress with knees and shoulders covered (no tank tops, or spaghetti strap dresses… dresses may be worn, but they may not be shoulder bearing or sleeveless, and need to come down to at least below the knees. Shorts and a t-shirt are acceptable for men to wear).



If you go on an excursion along the Gulf of Thailand, you will see the ships of the Thai fleet – this is the sea guard of the palace. At night, these ships illuminate the horizon, and create a truly unforgettable impression for those who stroll or dine at numerous restaurants along the beach.

In contrast to Pattaya, Thailand’s most famous seaside destination, Hua Hin is a much more calm and charming resort town, perfectly suitable for families. It’s a picturesque town, that has managed to retain the typical Thai flavor, despite tourism and modernazation. Among wealthy Thais, it is considered a very prestigious city to own real estate in.

Here you will find entertainment for pretty much any imaginable taste: Golf, Horse-back riding along the beach, Kite-surfing, Water skiing and wake-boarding, Wind-surfing, kite flying, fishing (both fresh and salt water), Walking/ hiking in the national park, elephant riding, a floating market, tourist markets, souvenir shops,and  restaurants of dozens of different cuisines,  with an abundance of dishes that will not leave even the most sophisticated tourist dissapointed.

If you take a walk past the Hilton hotel, you will come to a small pier. Here you can not only look at Thai fishing boats with their daily catch, but also watch the local fishermen who fish along the pier. At night, looking at the Gulf of Thailand, you will see a horizon dotted with green neon lights, used by Thai fishing boats to lure squid, a tasty Thai favorite, cooked just about every way possible, including not at all.

Hua Hin Railway Station

One of the oldest historical buildings of Hua Hin is the Railway Station. It is a famous landmark of Hua Hin, and althought small, it is one of the most beautiful railway stations in Thailand. Along with the construction of this station in 1911, Hua Hin itself began to develop, becoming a resort. In 1920, there was a Royal waiting room where the members of the royal family waited for the train. This room is now closed and not used.

The station itself is built entirely of wood in a traditional Thai style, and is surrounded by verdure. More than a hundred years after the construction, this station remains operational, and trains arrive and depart multiple times every day, to and from Bangkok, and to other cities in the south of Thailand, all the way down to the border of Malaysia.

At the station you will see a sign with the name of the city; this image is universally used in souvenir products, so this sign has become a kind of symbol of Hua Hin, and makes for a great background for photos.

Sofitel Hua Hin Hotel

Another famous landmark in Hua Hin is the hotel Sofitel. It was built in 1920 as a railway hotel. Located directly on the beach, just down the street from the train station, it  is one of the most beautiful hotels in Hua Hin. By order of King Rama VI in 1922, the oldest, and most famous place to golf, the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course, was built to welcome hotel guests.

Though Hua Hin is a small city, it will not be a waste of your time. Even if you are not too interested in history, the King’s Summer Palace is simply stunning, there are numerous, beautiful temples, and the railway station is a great place for unforgettable photos. From the golf course, to the railway station, to the Sofitel Hotel and its beautiful architecture, it is truly a paradise, and especially for beach lovers.

Hua Hin Pattaya Ferry

Ferry from Hua Hin to Pattaya

If you’ve had a great time in lovely Hua Hin, but would like to move on to another beautiful spot in Thai paradise, Pattaya is the place to go, and the ferry is the best way to get there. It’s not only easy, but fast and comfortable, especially when compared to taking a minibus. The Royal 1 is a government certified, high-speed catamaran that meets world-class standards, with a capacity of 346 passengers. There are 3 classes to choose from (prices vary and are listed below*): Economy, Business, and VIP; 286 seats in economy, 44 in Business, and 2 VIP Rooms. The 2 VIP rooms are private, and each have 8 seats that are fully equipped modern facilities with soft couches, televisions and a nice view to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

The ferry is a bit more expensive than a minibus (minibus is around 400 baht per person), but takes only 2 hours, compared to at least 6 hours on a minibus, and that’s assuming there’s no traffic…. With traffic, different stops, bathroom breaks, etc. it can and  usually does take over 8 hours, but can be even longer depending on what time of day and year you are traveling (and on the driver as well… they’re not always the best or safest drivers).  The ferry is definitely the fastest, most comfortable, and easiest way to get from Hua Hin to Pattaya, especially if traveling with young children, as they will not be squished into a small minibus, and will be able to walk around and explore the ferry, and have a bathroom that can be accessed at any time.  It runs everyday, leaving Hua Hin at 13:00 and arrives in Pattaya around 15:00, and you should arrive 1 hour early (12:00) to check in at the pier.

Price per ticket (children under 2 are free)

Economy seats: 2-12 years/ Adult   950 baht / 1,250 per seat

Business seats: 2-12 years/ Adult   1,250 baht/ 1,550 baht

VIP Room: 14,000 baht

While waiting for the ferry to depart, there is a beautiful beach with many things to do right on location including massages, restaurants and bars, coffee, and horseback riding.

If for some reason the ferry isn’t running (bad weather, maintenance, etc), I would recommend taking a taxi. I always go with Bangkok Taxi 24. They are the only long distance taxi service i will use, and have employed their services countless times. It takes about 5 hours to get to Pattaya from Hua Hin, and you can stop as many, or as few times as you’d like for food, restrooms, etc. They will pick you up and drop you off at the place of your choosing . They are staffed by very polite, safe, and government licensed taxi drivers with their photo registration and taxi license on display in the vehicle.

They are always on time, come with an impeccably clean car, can provide child safety seats if needed, and always come with a warm greeting and smile. They also do airport pick ups and drop offs, and will be there to meet you at your exit gate, holding a sign with your name on it. From Bangkok airport to Hua Hin or vice versa,  starts at 1,800 baht for 1 person, and you can choose from multiple makes and models of cars or vans (prices vary depending on number of passengers, make and model of vehicle requested, and just a few hundred baht extra charge for child safety seats). Any further information needed can be found on their website

Just a little personal story of their polite and professional staff and policy: The last time I used their services,  was to be picked up at the airport in Bangkok to come to Hua Hin. My flight was over 2 hours late, and i didn’t get my luggage and exit there airport for almost 3 hours after the scheduled time…. They not only waited for me to arrive, but were more than polite, asked if i was hungry and wanted to stop to get something to eat, and didn’t ask for additional fees (though i did give him a nice tip, because he was such a nice guy). Again, I couldn’t recommend them any more highly, and anytime a friend or family member comes to visit, they go through BangkokTaxi24.

Weather and climate in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is located in the south-central part of Thailand , on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. As a result, Hua Hin has three distinct seasons. Thais call them “cool, dry “, ” hot ” and ” rainy season “. However, after living here for awhile, you will most likely think of them as ” hot “, ” even hotter ” and ” hot and rainy!” But with all this, Hua Hin is the city with the lowest average precipitation measurement in the country.


Dry season- “Cool, Dry”.

The dry seasons is from around November to February. At this time of year, the nights are cool, around 20 degrees celcius, and the average daytime temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius. The tides are high, and the wind tends to pick up in the afternoon, but there is rarely any rain. This time of year is also known as the ‘high season,’ as most tourists tend to come this time of the year, becasue the weather is so nice.

Hot Season

The “hot” season lasts from around March to June. The temperature can easily rise above 35 degrees celcius, and the average temperature is around 30 degrees. The nights are hot and humid, with the tides not as  high as the dry season, but a slight wind tends to pick up  in the afternoon.

Rainy season

This season lasts from around July to October. Hua Hin does not suffer from the same degree of monsoon rains that go to the north and south of the country, but it’s still significantly rainy as compared to most of Europe. The average temperature is  around 28 degrees Celsius, and the evenings are slightly cooler than in the hot season. The morning can be overcast, but can in an hour or two, become bright with sunshine, hot and humid. The tides are low, and the sea and wind are normally calm.

The geographical location of Hua Hin protects it from major flooding and tsunamis.

Hua Hin Beaches

Hua Hin is famous for its sandy beaches. You will find beautiful beaches not only in the city, but within two hours drive from Hua Hin. If you have the time and transportation, this is a great way to spend the whole day out of town.


*  by car from Hua Hin center

Sai Noi Beach

Sai Noi Beach is a beautiful beach behind the mountain of Tao (Khao Thao) in the south of Hua Hin. The beach is about 200 meters in length, and is about 30 minutes drive from the center of Hua Hin, and there are normally very few people here, and is a favorite of local Thais.

Sai Noi is a cozy bay between rocks. On the one hand – the Tao Mountain, on the other – a divider separating it from the private beach of the Royal Family.

You can rent a sunbed for around 50 baht. If just lying under the sun bores you, you can go to the mountain of Tao, which is a famous local landmark. There is a giant gold Buddha statue, and the “TurtleTemple,” embedbed amongst the rocks, where the monks live. There is also a picturesque fishing village.

This beach is perfect to spend the day away from the noisey city and tourists, and enjoy the beautiful Thai landscape.

We will always help you at your request, to plan and organize an excursion!

Hua Hin is surrounded by beaches such as Khao Takieb, Suan Son and Khao Tao, but the most popular place for tourists is the main beach of Hua Hin, near the hotel Sofitel. There are always sun beds and tables open for rent, as well as Thai massage, horseback riding, water attractions  (wind/kite surfing, jetskis, paddle boarding, etc), and many restaurants, from European to Thai cuisine.

Beach near hotel Hilton

The beach near the Hilton hotel in Hua Hin, although it is part of the central shoreline, it still has its own characteristics.

Here the sand is a much softer, paler white.  If you are in need of a rest, or just want to sun bathe, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, though this part of the beach is normally crowded. There are also large stones, where tourists are very fond of taking pictures, although you should be extremely cautious, as some stones are very slippery when wet.

On the left side of the beach is a small promenade and a Chinese temple, which offers a great view of the sea, and you can walk along to the main part of Hua Hin with coastal restaurants, bars and shops.

For those who want to spend time away from the city bustle, you should choose one of the places described below:

Military Suan Son Beach (Suan Son Beach)

Suan Son Beach is known as the “Military Beach,” because its territory is the property of the Royal Thai Army, but it is still open to the public for free. It’s about a 10-15 minute taxi ride from the center of the Hua Hin. There is no developed infrastructure here, so you will not see bars or cafes on the beach. This beach is not popular with tourists, and is used mostly by Thais, so if you prefer to get away from tourists, and spend time around the local population, this place will suit you perfectly.

Because of the abundance of Kazakh trees (pine-like trees), finding shade to hide from the sometimes scorching sun is not a problem, and there is more than enough room all along the beach. The sand here is very soft, with no big rocks, making it very easy to enter in and out of the water, so it’s a very nice spot to relax, especially with young children.

If you’ve rented your own transportation, it’s very easy to get there. Just  drive south along the Pechkasem highway for about 8 km, and it you will see signs on your left for Military Suan Son Beach.

Khao Kalok Beach

Khao Kalok Beach is about 40 minutes south by car in the direction of Pranburi. It is a long sandy beach, surrounded by large rocks, with many very good restaurants.

Phu Noi Beach (Sam Roi Yod)

Phu Noi Beach (Sam Roi Yod) is around a 45-minute drive from Hua Hin, south towards Pranburi. Follow the signs to the Phu Noi temple, and from there is a road  that leads down to the beach. Here there are many cheap, but clean and safe hotels to choose from, as well as a large number of restaurants.

Ao Manao Beach (Prachuab)

Ao Manao Beach is about 1 hours and 30 minutes drive south of Hua Hin. You should drive towards Prachuab, and follow the signs for Ao Manao. This beach is not very popular with Toruists, and is a nice place to interact with Thais. It’s a nice relaxing place, especially for families with children, and there is an abundance of food for every taste, and many cheap, clean, and safe hotels to stay for a few nights.

45 minutes south of Prachuab is the small coastal town of Ban Krut. Turning off the main road and after 20 minutes you will reach the beach. There are many resorts and this place is very popular among Thais, especially on weekends and holidays. It is best to come here for a few days to be able to enjoy the sea and the sun.

Chumphon Beach

Chumphon Beach is a bit far, about 3 and a half hour drive south from Hua Hin, but a must see if you have the time. Once in Chumphon, follow the signs to Cabana Resort. There the beach has a golden colored sand and crystal clear waters. Here you can find many cheap, clean, and safe hotels, and really get to enjoy your vacation. You can go on a tour of the islands of Koh Ngam Yai and Koh Ngam Noi, and go snorkeling or diving. There is also a ferry from Chumphon, and you can go to the island of Koh Tao and enjoy snorkeling, or diving, and get your world-wide recognized scuba diving license for some of the cheapest prices in the world.


Hospitals, Medicine and Spa’s in Hua Hin

Hospitals in Hua Hin:

Hua Hin Hospital

Hua Hin Hospital is the largest public hospital in the city. Here you can seek help for any medical problem, and you will be provided with professional help. Though there is a whole floor specially reserved for the Thai royal family, Hua Hin Hospital mainly serves the local Thai population, so treatment is available at affordable prices. However, you may face some language difficulties, as most of the staff do not speak English.

Medical services: 24-hour Emergency Room, General Surgery, Cardiology, Orthopedics and Neurology. The treatment here is good, and at affordable prices. Many clinic doctors have their own private practices, where one can sseen, but it will cost more.

The hospital is located on Petchakasem Road between Soi 10 and Soi 12, about 5 minutes north of the center of the city (near the Hua Hin Police Station)

Telephone Number: 032 523 000.


San Paulo Hospital

San Paulo Hospital, a private clinic, is located between Soi 84 and Soi 86, on Petchakaem Road. It was founded in 1997. This is the first private hospital in Hua Hin. The prices are more expensive than Hua-Hin Hospital, but cheaper than Bangkok Hospital… Those who have an insurance policy can apply, but you should be prepared to pay in advance (depending on your policy outlined by your provider, and how quickly they are able to respond).

Unlike Hua Hin Hospital , most of the staff speak English, so it will be easier to communicate the reason why you’re there. It’s more expensive than Hua Hin Hospital, but cheaper than Bangkok Hospital (around 600 baht charge for the initial and subsequent visits). An overnight stay in the hospital for treament will cost from around 4000 baht per day.

The hospital provides a wide range of medical services; 24-hour Emerengency Room, General Medical Care, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, Plastic Surgery, Neurology, Radiology, an Intensive Care Unit and a Dental Clinic.

Telephone: 032 532 576.


Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Hospital is a private hospital, and is a private hospital in Hua Hin. It is part of the well-known association, Thailand Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS), which includes 13 Hospitals at the national level. Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin is accredited by the prestigious American organization, Joint Commission International (JCI), and has earned the reputation as the best medical institution in the city.

All the doctors have been trained in Bangkok, and are professionals at what they do. The prices are quite high, starting with consultation costs from 400 baht, even if there is no treatment. All the staff speak English very well, and there are translators available.

Medical services include: 24-Hour Emergency Room and ambulance teams, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Dental Clinic, Cardiology, Male and Female health, Rehabilitation, and prenatal care.

The clinic offers special offers and packages, especially for medical examinations (complete physical examination, including blood tests, x-rays, etc.).

In rare cases, when treatment can not be performed locally, the patient can be delivered to Bangkok (there is even a helicopter pad on the roof!).

Telephone: 032 616 800 (or 1719 in emergency situations).


Petcharat Hospital

Petcharat is a private hospital. Located in the province of Petchaburi, and has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best clinics in the region. It has a 24-hour emergency service and the various clinics offer health checks and programs,  prices starting around 2500 baht for the basic package.

The hospital is located about 65 km north of Hua Hin along the main road Petchakasem.

Telephone: 032 417 070.


Thai massage in Hua Hin

Getting a Thai massage is an obligatory part of the experience for a proper relaxing holiday in the land of eternal summer. Want to find a massage parlor in Hua Hin? No problem! If you want to relax right on the beach, you can have a traditional Thai massage in the vicinity of the Intercontinental. There is also a massage parlor on the beach of Khao Takiab…. In the city center on Soy 90, near the shopping center Market Village, there is a building, the first floor of which is has many massage parlors, so you won’t have to worry about waiting in line. On the beach and in the street salons massage costs 250 – 700 baht, depending on the type and duration of massage. One session lasts one hour, but you can always arrange express massage (30 minutes) or vice versa to extend the procedure. Suggestions are of the same type everywhere and include:

  • Foot Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Massage with Oil Rubbing (Oil massage)
  • Head Massage
  • Massage with Herbal compress (Thai herbal massage)

The 5-star hotels have their own massage parlor and spa, but at higher prices than others you’ll find around town, but it will not be a problem to pick up a professional masseur and a cozy salon where you can relax and improve your body and soul.


Dental and Optometry:

In Hua Hin, there are a large number of private dental and optometry clinics, so you will not have to worry if you need dental treatment, or have problems with your eyes.

How to get to Hua Hin

Traveling from Bangkok to Hua Hin is a short trip when compared with such destinations as Koh Samui, Krabi or Phuket. You can hire a taxi right at the airport, but the price will be high, around 3000 Thai Baht. As it happens, it is much cheaper to use our taxi services ;). If you book with us, we will have a taxi waiting for you before your arrival, at the exit closest to your flight. The driver will be waiting with a sign with your name on it.  Prices start at 1,800 baht and go up to 5,000 baht, depending on which vehicle you’d like, up to and including a minivan or minibus.

Regardless which type of transport you chose to get you from Bangkok to Hua Hin, you will have a nice view along the way. When leaving Bangkok, the landscape will change very quickly; the urban landscape dotted with palm trees, bridges and rivers will smoothly transfer to salt farms, then to the densely wooded hills and steep mountains that seem to shoot up from nowhere, by which point you are close to Ratchaburi, which is about half way to Hua Hin.

You can also take the ‘Skytrain’ straight from the airport to the city center and get off at the “Victory Monument” stop. Here you will find minibuses, and for around 200 baht you can easily get to Hua Hin. The journey by minibus will take 4+ hours, because of the stops to eat, go to the toilet, pick up passengers, etc.  Though it is much cheaper than a taxi, it can be very crowded, sometimes to the point where you’re squished in, and can’t even put on your seatbelt. If you’re traveling with multiple people (especially children) it’s best to take a taxi.

In Bangkok, near the Chao Phraya River, there is a bus station called the “Southern Terminal” or the “Southern Bus Terminal”. Buses depart every half hour from 4:00 am to midnight and are inexpensive and air-conditioned. It’s best to avoid using this method of transport in the morning and in the evening, due to the large number of passengers.

You can take the train, which often goes from Bangkok to Hua Hin.

For people who want to get to Hua Hin very quickly, you can take a plane. The flight will cost around 3000 baht, and the flight is about 30 minutes, but this is only if there is a flight, and if you are ready to experience shaking during takeoff and landing.

There are a lot of ways to get to Hua Hin, so choose which one suits you best.