Hua Hin Beaches

Hua Hin is famous for its sandy beaches. You will find beautiful beaches not only in the city, but within two hours drive from Hua Hin. If you have the time and transportation, this is a great way to spend the whole day out of town.


*  by car from Hua Hin center

Sai Noi Beach

Sai Noi Beach is a beautiful beach behind the mountain of Tao (Khao Thao) in the south of Hua Hin. The beach is about 200 meters in length, and is about 30 minutes drive from the center of Hua Hin, and there are normally very few people here, and is a favorite of local Thais.

Sai Noi is a cozy bay between rocks. On the one hand – the Tao Mountain, on the other – a divider separating it from the private beach of the Royal Family.

You can rent a sunbed for around 50 baht. If just lying under the sun bores you, you can go to the mountain of Tao, which is a famous local landmark. There is a giant gold Buddha statue, and the “TurtleTemple,” embedbed amongst the rocks, where the monks live. There is also a picturesque fishing village.

This beach is perfect to spend the day away from the noisey city and tourists, and enjoy the beautiful Thai landscape.

We will always help you at your request, to plan and organize an excursion!

Hua Hin is surrounded by beaches such as Khao Takieb, Suan Son and Khao Tao, but the most popular place for tourists is the main beach of Hua Hin, near the hotel Sofitel. There are always sun beds and tables open for rent, as well as Thai massage, horseback riding, water attractions  (wind/kite surfing, jetskis, paddle boarding, etc), and many restaurants, from European to Thai cuisine.

Beach near hotel Hilton

The beach near the Hilton hotel in Hua Hin, although it is part of the central shoreline, it still has its own characteristics.

Here the sand is a much softer, paler white.  If you are in need of a rest, or just want to sun bathe, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, though this part of the beach is normally crowded. There are also large stones, where tourists are very fond of taking pictures, although you should be extremely cautious, as some stones are very slippery when wet.

On the left side of the beach is a small promenade and a Chinese temple, which offers a great view of the sea, and you can walk along to the main part of Hua Hin with coastal restaurants, bars and shops.

For those who want to spend time away from the city bustle, you should choose one of the places described below:

Military Suan Son Beach (Suan Son Beach)

Suan Son Beach is known as the “Military Beach,” because its territory is the property of the Royal Thai Army, but it is still open to the public for free. It’s about a 10-15 minute taxi ride from the center of the Hua Hin. There is no developed infrastructure here, so you will not see bars or cafes on the beach. This beach is not popular with tourists, and is used mostly by Thais, so if you prefer to get away from tourists, and spend time around the local population, this place will suit you perfectly.

Because of the abundance of Kazakh trees (pine-like trees), finding shade to hide from the sometimes scorching sun is not a problem, and there is more than enough room all along the beach. The sand here is very soft, with no big rocks, making it very easy to enter in and out of the water, so it’s a very nice spot to relax, especially with young children.

If you’ve rented your own transportation, it’s very easy to get there. Just  drive south along the Pechkasem highway for about 8 km, and it you will see signs on your left for Military Suan Son Beach.

Khao Kalok Beach

Khao Kalok Beach is about 40 minutes south by car in the direction of Pranburi. It is a long sandy beach, surrounded by large rocks, with many very good restaurants.

Phu Noi Beach (Sam Roi Yod)

Phu Noi Beach (Sam Roi Yod) is around a 45-minute drive from Hua Hin, south towards Pranburi. Follow the signs to the Phu Noi temple, and from there is a road  that leads down to the beach. Here there are many cheap, but clean and safe hotels to choose from, as well as a large number of restaurants.

Ao Manao Beach (Prachuab)

Ao Manao Beach is about 1 hours and 30 minutes drive south of Hua Hin. You should drive towards Prachuab, and follow the signs for Ao Manao. This beach is not very popular with Toruists, and is a nice place to interact with Thais. It’s a nice relaxing place, especially for families with children, and there is an abundance of food for every taste, and many cheap, clean, and safe hotels to stay for a few nights.

45 minutes south of Prachuab is the small coastal town of Ban Krut. Turning off the main road and after 20 minutes you will reach the beach. There are many resorts and this place is very popular among Thais, especially on weekends and holidays. It is best to come here for a few days to be able to enjoy the sea and the sun.

Chumphon Beach

Chumphon Beach is a bit far, about 3 and a half hour drive south from Hua Hin, but a must see if you have the time. Once in Chumphon, follow the signs to Cabana Resort. There the beach has a golden colored sand and crystal clear waters. Here you can find many cheap, clean, and safe hotels, and really get to enjoy your vacation. You can go on a tour of the islands of Koh Ngam Yai and Koh Ngam Noi, and go snorkeling or diving. There is also a ferry from Chumphon, and you can go to the island of Koh Tao and enjoy snorkeling, or diving, and get your world-wide recognized scuba diving license for some of the cheapest prices in the world.


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