Hua Hin Pattaya Ferry

Ferry from Hua Hin to Pattaya

If you’ve had a great time in lovely Hua Hin, but would like to move on to another beautiful spot in Thai paradise, Pattaya is the place to go, and the ferry is the best way to get there. It’s not only easy, but fast and comfortable, especially when compared to taking a minibus. The Royal 1 is a government certified, high-speed catamaran that meets world-class standards, with a capacity of 346 passengers. There are 3 classes to choose from (prices vary and are listed below*): Economy, Business, and VIP; 286 seats in economy, 44 in Business, and 2 VIP Rooms. The 2 VIP rooms are private, and each have 8 seats that are fully equipped modern facilities with soft couches, televisions and a nice view to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

The ferry is a bit more expensive than a minibus (minibus is around 400 baht per person), but takes only 2 hours, compared to at least 6 hours on a minibus, and that’s assuming there’s no traffic…. With traffic, different stops, bathroom breaks, etc. it can and  usually does take over 8 hours, but can be even longer depending on what time of day and year you are traveling (and on the driver as well… they’re not always the best or safest drivers).  The ferry is definitely the fastest, most comfortable, and easiest way to get from Hua Hin to Pattaya, especially if traveling with young children, as they will not be squished into a small minibus, and will be able to walk around and explore the ferry, and have a bathroom that can be accessed at any time.  It runs everyday, leaving Hua Hin at 13:00 and arrives in Pattaya around 15:00, and you should arrive 1 hour early (12:00) to check in at the pier.

Price per ticket (children under 2 are free)

Economy seats: 2-12 years/ Adult   950 baht / 1,250 per seat

Business seats: 2-12 years/ Adult   1,250 baht/ 1,550 baht

VIP Room: 14,000 baht

While waiting for the ferry to depart, there is a beautiful beach with many things to do right on location including massages, restaurants and bars, coffee, and horseback riding.

If for some reason the ferry isn’t running (bad weather, maintenance, etc), I would recommend taking a taxi. I always go with Bangkok Taxi 24. They are the only long distance taxi service i will use, and have employed their services countless times. It takes about 5 hours to get to Pattaya from Hua Hin, and you can stop as many, or as few times as you’d like for food, restrooms, etc. They will pick you up and drop you off at the place of your choosing . They are staffed by very polite, safe, and government licensed taxi drivers with their photo registration and taxi license on display in the vehicle.

They are always on time, come with an impeccably clean car, can provide child safety seats if needed, and always come with a warm greeting and smile. They also do airport pick ups and drop offs, and will be there to meet you at your exit gate, holding a sign with your name on it. From Bangkok airport to Hua Hin or vice versa,  starts at 1,800 baht for 1 person, and you can choose from multiple makes and models of cars or vans (prices vary depending on number of passengers, make and model of vehicle requested, and just a few hundred baht extra charge for child safety seats). Any further information needed can be found on their website

Just a little personal story of their polite and professional staff and policy: The last time I used their services,  was to be picked up at the airport in Bangkok to come to Hua Hin. My flight was over 2 hours late, and i didn’t get my luggage and exit there airport for almost 3 hours after the scheduled time…. They not only waited for me to arrive, but were more than polite, asked if i was hungry and wanted to stop to get something to eat, and didn’t ask for additional fees (though i did give him a nice tip, because he was such a nice guy). Again, I couldn’t recommend them any more highly, and anytime a friend or family member comes to visit, they go through BangkokTaxi24.

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